Course Description

The seed to cup is a long and complex journey that coffee cherries undertake to end up as a brewed beverage in your cup. The journey is made up of many transformation phases, from harvesting and processing, to roasting and grinding, and product development.  

In this training, you will learn about all the transformation phases that a coffee cherry goes through to become your cup of coffee. You will receive both theory and practical expertise and become acquainted with specific coffee terminology.  

Hi, I’m Winnie Yeh

I started my coffee career in Shanghai, China about 6 years ago. From an assistant trainer I become the Head of Coffee Academy for Shunda food company. Our clients ranged from Research & Development managers to Marketing managers working in the food and beverage sector. Many represented companies such as Starbucks, KFC, Coca-Cola or Pizza Hut 

I am currently working as a Quality Control and R&D consultant for Vuna Origin Consulting. I’m excited to be your instructor for the Seed to Cup training, and I hope you will enjoy the training as much as I have in developing it for you.  

What You Will Learn

  1. Coffee picking, harvesting and processing 
  2. Warehousing & storage 
  3. Quality control protocols & sensory analysis 
  4. Dry milling & transportation 
  5. Commercial roasting & grinding 
  6. Packaging & R&D application 

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