Course Description

Fluctuations in coffee prices represent a great challenge for any business that trades green coffee. Price fluctuations - defined as volatility - can lead to uncertainties in costs, product prices, earnings, credit availability, among others. Over the years, many businesses have struggle to maintain profitability when prices changed abruptly over a short period of time.

In order to mitigate volatility, organizations can implement effective price risk management through different strategies, as well as optimize profits using various techniques.

Unlike traditional price risk management training, this course is meant to equip students with tools and practical tips on how to implement price risk management strategies in their business and optimize profits.

Hi, I’m Sara Morrocchi

I am a coffee professional with over 10 years of experience working in the sector, specialized in supply chain management and green coffee buying.

With VUNA Origin Consulting, I have conducted many price risk management training and has helped several green coffee trading companies in implementing successful price risk management strategies.

Price risk management training by Sara Morrocchi in Spanish

What You Will Learn

  1. What price risk means in the coffee industry
  2. How price risk can impact an organization’s revenue stream
  3. Physical tools to mitigate price risk
  4. What a physical strategy is & how to use it to manage price risk
  5. Introduction to the use of hedging tools (futures, options)

Course Curriculum

  • Introduction
  • Harvest Evaluation
  • Harvest Forecast
  • Market Fundamentals
  • Physical Strategy to Manage Risk Exposure (purchasing; sales & marketing strategy)
  • Physical Strategy to Manage Risk Exposure (price fixing & financing)
  • Intro to Hedging Strategy
  • Good Governance

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